I fulfill part of my professional advocacy through live presentations and webinars, as well as through my writing. My work has been published online and in print. It is my pleasure to share some of it with you. Select a category or keyword (in blog lingo tags) on the right to read subjects of interest to you. Click here to read my articles for The NAJIT Observer. My collaboration with TNO started back in 2012 and this year I was given […]

Writing is Another Love of Mine || Escrever é uma outra paixão

This article was originally written for the ATA’s Interpreters Division newsletter, The Interpreters Voice, in 2004, following the ATA 45th Annual Conference, in Toronto, Canada. ATA 45th Annual Conference takes us through history and into the future – By Gio Lester I was lucky this year that I could attend two of the pre-conference seminars. One of them, pertinent to our Division, was Daniel Giglio’s Basic Note-Taking Techniques for Practicing Interpreters. Our colleague Georganne Weller-Almeida had led a workshop on […]

Interpreting Now and Then:

This article was first published in The NAJIT Observer in December 2016. By Gio Lester ©2016 It was the early 1990’s. I was called to interpret at a deposition and I explained to the agency representative on the phone that I had never done a deposition before. “It is like an interview. You know how to take notes, right? It is that easy.” That was it. So, to confirm what I was told, I called a friend who had more […]

Lasting Lessons from my First Deposition

Originally published on LinkedIn as Embrace Your Interpreter to Guarantee Success and Greater ROI, on March 6, 2016. Successful communication remains the most important ingredient in business. And approaching customers in their own language is the best solution available to multinational corporate players to reach their target audiences with full impact, intelligently and in a manner that will ensure the highest ROI conversion. Embracing your interpreters and translators as ad hoc members of the marketing, sales or training teams, as […]

Embrace Your Interpreter

ABRATES VI - abertura
Este artigo foi publicado originalmente em meu blog More than Words no tumblr, em julho de 2016. – Gio Lester © 2016 A Associação Brasileira de Tradutores — ABRATES representa profissionais da tradução, interpretação falada e por sinais. E este ano, 2016, ela realizou seu VII Congresso Internacional, nos dias 3 a 5 de junho, na bela cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Logo antes do início oficial do evento, a Administração pediu que intérpretes de LIBRAS presentes se disponibilizassem como […]

Congresso ABRATES versão 7.0

This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer in February 2012. – By Gio Lester © 2012 Now that you have an idea of how to attach value to your time and activity, it is time to figure out how to best use banking and government tools to determine your taxes. No, this is not an accounting course. Relax and enjoy. In my first venture in the NAJIT blog I discussed earning an income – how to determine the […]

Basic Accounting II

This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer in January 2012. – By Gio Lester ©2012 Translators and interpreters are a very creative bunch, and creative folk usually do not make good administrators. Yes, it is a generalization, so take it with the duly recommended grain of salt. We have all heard of ROI (Return on Investment). That is what you get back for the money you are investing in your business – the cost of equipment, marketing, training, […]

How much is my time worth?

ASTM Internatinal
This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer in September 2012 – by Gio Lester ©2012 During a conference assignment, not too long ago, I was confronted with a very uncomfortable situation. Unbeknownst to the team of interpreters, the company that had hired us made arrangements for recording our work. Fortunately, it was not our first time in those waters, and we knew how to tread them. But I remember the first time I found myself in that situation. […]

Recording, Consent and Copyrights: What We Need To Know

This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer, September 2013. – by Gio Lester ©2013 – I teach the introductory module on legal translation for a Brazilian translation, interpreting and language school. It’s an online course and my students are spread all over the world: Estonia, Belgium, the US, Brazil, Ireland, England, Puerto Rico, Sweden, etc. My students are always surprised when I tell them their main job description now is “Detective.” I actually mean researcher, but the word detective […]

Translators, the Detectives