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By Gio Lester © 2017 This is a quick guide that I know eVoice readers will have points to add to. Please feel free to do so, and share your observations in the comments below. 1- So, what language is it that you need? It is important to be very clear when determining the language of an assignment. Portuguese has a number of variants: Cape Verdean, Angolan, Brazilian, European to cite a few. Chinese can mean Mandarin or Cantonese. And […]

Hiring an Interpreter? Five Points to Consider

Dando as caras no mercado
A Sheila Gomes me permitiu, mais uma vez, compartilhar experiências e oferecer sugestões, em especial para iniciantes que estejam Dando as caras no mercado pela primeira vez, ou veteranos que queiram explorar novas ideias. Click na imagem abaixo para ouvir o webinar.

Dando as caras no mercado

Published with permission from @Savvy Newcomer an ATA online publication. Learning to say no is widely covered in our profession. It is a skill many of us have to work on. It took me a long time to identify my limits and realize that yes can be a huge and attractive trap. There is another aspect of our profession that does not receive as much attention: learning to hear no and respond properly. Not too long ago I was contacted […]

Always leave the door open for future opportunities