It is a pleasure to share testimonials from respected colleagues and clients who have used my services for many years.

“Giovanna is one of the very best ATA Certified Brazilian Portuguese Translators in the State of Florida and a great Colleague to work [within] the promotion of our industry.”

Allendy Doxy,
President Letspeak.net – Haitian Creole Translator & Interpreter


“Dear Colleagues,
I’d like to give a public and loud thank you to our esteemed colleagues and group members Katharine Allen and Gio Lester for their contribution to our profession by way of the workshop that my sister is about to give this December on the legal and medical aspects of managing cases of violence against women.
Shortly after we announced the workshops, both Katharine and Gio reached out to me to share pertinent resources about this important issue for me to share with my sister, which I did. She recently informed me that the material was excellent and quite helpful, and that she has incorporated relevant aspects from it, among others, how this all plays out for language bridges (that’s us! :)) in the US and abroad.
At any rate, I just wanted to share this with all of you as I found it to be a very nice show of selflessness (they are both trainers themselves), care and support for what matters most: the improvement of interpreters and our profession, and also of women’s safety and well-being in general.
Thank you, colleagues!”

Daniel Tamayo,
Managing Director/Founder,
Trainer and Training Coordinator

Global Tradu

“I have worked closely with Giovanna Lester on a variety of projects. I served as Administrative Assistant for the ATA Interpreters Division when Giovanna was Director. When Giovanna takes on a project, she commits to it fully and always completes her tasks on time and with the highest quality standards. She is an effective leader who knows how to cultivate leadership qualities in others. Gio generously shares her professional network and contacts with colleagues. Most of all, I admire her intelligence and sharp analytical skills.
I recommend Gio as a highly professional and skilled person, who has much to offer any project she is working on.”

Katharine Allen, Co-President at InterpretAmerica
InterpretAmerica logo



“I met Gio Lester while attending an annual conference of the American Translators Association. At the time she was ATA ID administrator and she helped to inspire me to become more involved in our association.
Giovanna has always been available to me as a mentor and a colleague. As a member of that division, her leadership, demeanor and drive left a positive and permanent impression on me. She is a professional, is committed to her craft and has a high sense of integrity.
As a member of the interpreting industry, she is recognized as a leader that has dedicated much of her time to volunteerism.”

Francesca Samuel, President at
Arizona Translators & Interpreters, Inc.



“There is an energy of efficiency that Gio has that is unique and advantageous to colleagues and clients alike.
I had the pleasure of working with Gio on efforts to provide resources to interpreters and to build the ATA Interpreters Division. I also was involved with her efforts to do the same for interpreters and translators throughout the state of Florida.
She runs on dedication to the profession as an energy fuel. She is wise about how we work and what we need to improve our services. Those of us in the profession are lucky to work alongside her and her clients are lucky to be on the receiving end of her skills.”

Diane Teichman, MLCI, Master Licensed Court Interpreter,
Translator, Linguist and Trainer at Linguistic Services




Simultaneous Interpreter
“Working with Gio is always a pleasure. She is focused and detail-oriented in addition to being a very talented and experienced professional. She was instrumental in developing and growing the Interpreters’ Division of the American Translators’ Association (ATA), during a period in which interpreters needed to get a higher profile. Her commitment to social issues is also invaluable, as I learned through her work with the Red Cross during Hurricane Katrina. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Sue Horn
Senior Project Manager – AT&T, Atlanta, GA
“My experience with Giovanna as a conference interpreter and having had the pleasure of working with her during the Haitian Earthquake crisis with a group of volunteer translators and interpreters show insights and participation in our meetings of how dedicated and thorough she is towards the projects she takes on. Gio is a committed professional whose collaboration I will always welcome. I look forward to working with her in other projects.”
Richard Boulter
at Language Consultant