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Originally published on LinkedIn as Embrace Your Interpreter to Guarantee Success and Greater ROI, on March 6, 2016. Successful communication remains the most important ingredient in business. And approaching customers in their own language is the best solution available to multinational corporate players to reach their target audiences with full impact, intelligently and in a manner that will ensure the highest ROI conversion. Embracing your interpreters and translators as ad hoc members of the marketing, sales or training teams, as […]

Embrace Your Interpreter

ABRATES VI - abertura
Este artigo foi publicado originalmente em meu blog More than Words no tumblr, em julho de 2016. – Gio Lester © 2016 A Associação Brasileira de Tradutores — ABRATES representa profissionais da tradução, interpretação falada e por sinais. E este ano, 2016, ela realizou seu VII Congresso Internacional, nos dias 3 a 5 de junho, na bela cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Logo antes do início oficial do evento, a Administração pediu que intérpretes de LIBRAS presentes se disponibilizassem como […]

Congresso ABRATES versão 7.0

This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer in February 2012. – By Gio Lester © 2012 Now that you have an idea of how to attach value to your time and activity, it is time to figure out how to best use banking and government tools to determine your taxes. No, this is not an accounting course. Relax and enjoy. In my first venture in the NAJIT blog I discussed earning an income – how to determine the […]

Basic Accounting II