By Gio Lester © 2017 This is a quick guide that I know eVoice readers will have points to add to. Please feel free to do so, and share your observations in the comments below. 1- So, what language is it that you need? It is important to be very clear when determining the language of an assignment. Portuguese has a number of variants: Cape Verdean, Angolan, Brazilian, European to cite a few. Chinese can mean Mandarin or Cantonese. And […]

Hiring an Interpreter? Five Points to Consider

This article was originally written for the ATA’s Interpreters Division newsletter, The Interpreters Voice, in 2004, following the ATA 45th Annual Conference, in Toronto, Canada. ATA 45th Annual Conference takes us through history and into the future – By Gio Lester I was lucky this year that I could attend two of the pre-conference seminars. One of them, pertinent to our Division, was Daniel Giglio’s Basic Note-Taking Techniques for Practicing Interpreters. Our colleague Georganne Weller-Almeida had led a workshop on […]

Interpreting Now and Then:

Originally published on LinkedIn as Embrace Your Interpreter to Guarantee Success and Greater ROI, on March 6, 2016. Successful communication remains the most important ingredient in business. And approaching customers in their own language is the best solution available to multinational corporate players to reach their target audiences with full impact, intelligently and in a manner that will ensure the highest ROI conversion. Embracing your interpreters and translators as ad hoc members of the marketing, sales or training teams, as […]

Embrace Your Interpreter

ASTM Internatinal
This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer in September 2012 – by Gio Lester ©2012 During a conference assignment, not too long ago, I was confronted with a very uncomfortable situation. Unbeknownst to the team of interpreters, the company that had hired us made arrangements for recording our work. Fortunately, it was not our first time in those waters, and we knew how to tread them. But I remember the first time I found myself in that situation. […]

Recording, Consent and Copyrights: What We Need To Know

This article was originally published in The NAJIT Observer, December 2014. Gio Lester © 2014 After having interpreted at immigration court, the county jail and federal prison, I was called to interpret at the county’s psych ward. It was a long, long drive from my home; way past urban areas and the farmland to the south and west of that. I was in the boondocks. The doctors had suspected that the inmate was not mentally capable of standing trial until […]

Giving Justice a Chance to Be Fair

The Children's house
My daughter is lucky to attend a very small neighborhood school. There are about 34 students in all. Two classrooms cover basic education from grades K-6. Her classmates are from varied backgrounds and many speak more than one language. Their parents have experienced the frustration of trying to teach their native languages to a new generation that frown upon them as a divisive element, rather than one that will give them an advantage. This seemed to me to be the […]

ATA’s School Outreach is for Interpreting too!

Este artigo, com tradução de Rafa Lombardino, foi publicado pela Divisão de Língua Portuguesa da American Translators Association (ATA) em maio de 2016, mas o artigo original foi publicado pela Divisão de Intérpretes da ATA em 2007 (página 6).   O programa School Outreach da ATA também é para intérpretes!

O programa School Outreach da ATA também é para intérpretes!

Sheila Gomes criou o TIME Cast, um podcast para promover a troca de conhecimentos entre os profissionais da tradução e interpretação. Mas tudo começou mesmo com o TIME -Tradutores e Interpretes Multiplicando Experiências que oferecia serviços vários gratuitamente a colegas, iniciantes e interessados. Em 2014 eu fui dos profissionais entrevistados e você pode ouvir o podcast clicando abaixo. A entrevista toda durou menos de 15 minutos durante os quais eu respondo a perguntas sobre tradução, interpretação, marketing, especialização e tem […]

Entrevista para o TIMECast com Sheila Gomes