ATA’s School Outreach is for Interpreting too!

The Children's House

-photo courtesy of Rebecca Lester

My daughter is lucky to attend a very small neighborhood school. There are about 34 students in all. Two classrooms cover basic education from grades K-6. Her classmates are from varied backgrounds and many speak more than one language. Their parents have experienced the frustration of trying to teach their native languages to a new generation that frown upon them as a divisive element, rather than one that will give them an advantage.

This seemed to me to be the perfect venue for ATA’s outreach program: I was once a parent in that situation and I could have used some help back then.

Let me digress a little. I have two children and they each speak more than 2 languages.

Read More as published in The Interpreters Voice, Fall 2007, pages 5-6.



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