The Importance of Professional Associations – a podcast

podcast episode 153 The Importance of Professional Associations

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Marketing Tips for Translators is Tess Whitty’s website, home to her incredible podcast, which complements her marketing courses. Tess’s background is in marketing and translation is her passion. That is a wonderful combination for all of us who ultimately benefit from its outcomes in the form of her blog posts, podcasts, courses, and books.

Tess always asks her audience for suggestions on whom they want to hear from next. This time, I was their pick. I did my best not to disappoint them.

In this episode, we discuss the importance and role of professional associations in our careers and businesses, the cost vs value relationship of belonging to them, approaches to reaching your desired clients, ConVTI, and much more.

Click the audio link to hear the podcast, sit back and enjoy or click the image to visit Tess’s site and get more information.


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