So, can I interpret at a deposition or not?

Article originally published on The NAJIT Observer, December 2015.

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That question has been whirling around the minds of many Florida interpreters since Rule 2.565 went into full effect on October 1, 2015. Among other things, Rule 2.565 defines new professional designations for interpreters (see definitions below) and who is allowed to interpret in legal and quasi-legal settings. I did some research, asked a few questions and found a few answers that I share here with you.

Not all languages are affected by the restrictions created by the new rule. The problem becomes evident with languages without any or with a small number of professionals who meet the standards set by the Florida Supreme Court. However, accommodations have been made to safeguard the rights of limited English proficiency (LEP) individuals who are speakers of those affected languages and find themselves in need of interpreting services in legal and quasi-legal settings.

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