Translators on Air podcast with Gio Lester

On Wednesday, October 18, I had the pleasure of being the guest on Translators on Air podcast. It was fun! Those who attended ConVTI’s FREE Event “The Business of Being in Business” will recognize some of the concepts I shared.

Elena Tereshchenkova and Dmitry Kornyukhov are the most gracious hosts. Once you agree to appear on the show and provide them a synopsis of what you want to talk about, they will prepare a few questions to start things going. During the promotional period, anyone who wants to can send in questions also. That’s specially important for those who cannot be there for the live broadcast – yes, it is live! No second takes. So, if you send in your questions, you can get your answers later on when you watch the recording.

Once you familiarize yourself with Translators on Air, it is time to get over to The Open Mic. A nice group of colleagues – Elena and Dmitry are here too – run the site, which has grown into a really neat community and job market. If you are a T&I professional, I invite you to enjoy the posts, and register for the marketplace. If you are an LSP, I suggest you check the marketplace out.

Curious? Just click below to watch.

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